Internet...Is It Useful To Us ???

Are you an internet marketer (IM), a blogger, designer, or an internet user ? Whatever la... any person which you were named. If are you familiar with internet surfing, can you realize what is importantly this thing to you. Do you using it frequently per day, once, often or why not whole the day long for person whom needed it to done their job.

Internet user nowadays was very broadly all over the world. Even whole asia including our country, malaysia we can see the graf of this user always increase by every time, days, month, and years. So, this was meant that internet was not a new or an unknown things for us nowdays.

In American country or easy to say, west country la... they using this connection as an alternatives for them to do a lot of things with it. You know, they used it for shopping, paybills, do a part/full time job, and so on...One of the reason why internet was very useful is we can save our time. For an example, if we want to paybills, like before we need to go to any of the payment office nearby for get it. But if there was no nearby one, so we have no choice to get a far one. On our way there, maybe the road was jammed. As we reached the office, unfortunately there are many customer are waiting their queue to do a same thing with you.

Look, no choice kan. If we using the internet, we can pay the bills at home by using a singlet and a short pants with drink a coffee to settle it. Less than 5 minuetes the bills was payed ! Easy, safe, and fast.

As for me, internet was very useful not only for one thing, but a lot of things. Think it & do it

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  1. pass leisure time..
    download things.. no need buy DVD..
    erm... online newspaper..
    know new ppl... [dangerous]
    earn mone through internet..