Smile Before You Get Mad

This time tips was different. Ye la, how can you smile as when you were angry isn't it ?. If for me, i'll said "what a crazy question !". If you always get angry with someone, mad for something or whatever that can cause you be ANGRRYY!!! and bad mood, don't worry la, it's normal...

As a human being, it's was a normal impression or feeling. But, how would we
control it that is the matter. As a could you control yourself when
you get mad or angry? Somebody have his own method to overcome or solved it right.

You know, from some of the research result in America country (i got this info from some magazine) if we always get angry without any control, our heart will running irregularly. This will cause a blood turn fast into our brain and the most badly is, this will risk someone to get strok easily.

As the same research was made by Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine through 1,300 men with average age between 30 - 40 years old.The result point that someone was always get angry will get 3 times heart attack risks. So, before we get mad or angry try this recommended tips k :

1/ Ask yourself if it was an important things for we to get mad about.

2/ If we were in an angry situation with a high pressure, try to relaks a second, and turn your
attention by do something that can make you forget about it. As like having a sports, eat, shopping, play ps2 or whatever. Do your favourite hobby.

3/ Don't think the problem is a 'trouble' for you.

4/ Ask yourself also, if you get mad can this way will solved the problem.

5/ But...if you can't control yourself to be angry, just blow it off...but before you mad someone don't forget to 'SMILE'. When you smile, you will refresh yourself and calm your mind. Your head would'nt sick, and health won't risk.

*The most better medicine as we get angry or mad someone is 'apologize them'. That's all.

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