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Uptrend is some of the MLM bussiness. Have you heard it before? Maybe some says yes, no or maybe some says not interested in MLM. Whatever you says, it's up to you right? Okey, let's explore this bussiness a bit, so that we can imagine besides thinking for,if it's have more better than worse for those who join it. Before we talks how this bussiness works, we see first their concept. If we comparing with others MLM out there, it's still the same(as for my opinion la..)except their concept and system works mostly different.
Uptrend concept was like :

1/ Simple, rewarding

Regardless of your background, culture, age, education and belief systems, you will find uptrend is simple, rewarding and meaningful. For those who desire to learning, here Uptrend show way to build an e-commerce bussiness which can offers you an incredible rewards with unlimited potential for personal growth.

2/ Financial freedom

We believe you will share the same to your friend & relatives if you join it. You can enlighten and improve your own lifestyle and them. So that you will know that uptrend wasn't an e-commerce bussiness only, but a medium for an effective positive communication among relatives & friends.

3/ Most powerful marketing system

Marketing method is using internet & network marketing called E-commerce. As this emerge, it certainly a step into right direction. So, we have greatest chance to earn big, realistic & residual income through uptrend borderless international marketing plan.

4/ Productive, explosive

You have chance to make an unlimited income through the power of internet. Besides we can helping people that was join it to empowering them & yourself to bring out personal best.

Okey, after thier concept, let see through thier system. For this i will summarize it shortly k. But if you want more details, just click this Link (official site), For sign up you should pay RM38 and choose one of the 4 status:

a) Bronze
b) Silver
c) Gold
d) Platinum

For bronze status, you got 2 active legs. You will earn Rm57 per 1 person you got to join, and the maxsimum commission per day you get up to Rm684.
Silver status will have 4 active legs, earn also Rm57 per person you got, and will pay up to Rm2052 per day maksimum.

Besides the gold status are sets for 6 actie legs, pay up to Rm3420 maksimum per day. Neither for platinum, thier got 8 active legs and maksimum pay per day is
Rm4788. High profitable kan...Oh, ya both are payed Rm57 per person you got if they join this bussiness under you. This is for Plan A(fast bonus) which you got 80% payout.

There have one more plan named Plan B(Master Plan). In this plan you will got a profit from level 1-10 of your team sales. You will get around 15% (1st level), 10% (2nd - 4th level) and 3% (5th - 10th).

The product of uptrend is many type of it. Some are named Lumiglow(famous), coffee Xsotika(men only), Immuna, Pepta, Oxylife and so on...here some snapshot of the picture i get, want to view more visit their page k.

I think this for skin & face solution...

A vitamin thats suitable for your child brain.

This one la named Lumiglow product. And it's was a popular product as it can use for health, skin & personal care.

Tradition coffee wtih red yeast rice for reduce cholesterol, improve health and cardiovascular.

This coffee was different you know. It's instant with 12 natural herbs & mix with quality cane sugar and creamer. Wow..its powerful coffee. But it's recommend for married man only...hahaha.

Besides that there are some more products & bonus that i've never mentioned it here. Hope you can click to thier official site for more information. What are you read is what you would think
and the action is up to you...

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