Iphone 4S Launching , The Most Amazing Iphone

The iPhone 4S caught many by surprise, with Apple expected to release the iPhone 5 - but instead we got an iPhone 4 with overhauled innards.

While the masses were initially disappointed, the iPhone 4S features a glut of top-end tech that is designed to put it on a par with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 - but does it manage to do that?
The changes to the iPhone 4S are easy to document - the camera has been upgraded to 8MP (with an improved aperture ratio), the CPU is now the same dual-core A5 processor as seen in the iPad 2, and a seven time increase in graphical processing power.
Check out our video of the iPhone 4S in action - is it the phone for you?

As we've mentioned, the iPhone 4S is almost identical in outward design to the iPhone 4, which might irk those that like to show that they've got the most up to date device from Apple when out and about with friends.
However, the flip side of this is that things like the plethora of iPhone 4 covers on the market at the moment will still fit.

You probably caught a cheeky glimpse of the lovely Scarlett Johansson some weeks ago when her iPhone was hacked and her raunchy private photos were published  online? Now it’s not just sexy celebrities who need worry about shooting a load of raunchy snaps on their iPhones.

Many people gathering to buy as the iphone 4s was launch by MAXIS

According to a BBC report, professional hacker Charlie Miller very recently exposed a massive hole in Apple’s security when he successfully submitted a piece of malware to  iTunes. Anyone who downloaded this could have their iPhone hacked and even remotely controlled!

Miller’s sneaky software presented itself as a fully functioning stock price tracker called InstaStock. The app’s most jaw dropping feature was not its ability to provide real-time information on stocks, but rather its ability to hack users iPhones, stealing their personal pictures, contacts and even make their phone vibrate! Miller could gain full control over any iPhone that downloaded his app.

There Are Soo Many Application Inside Iphone 4S

For Check the details specs click here (Iphone 4s)

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