Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook Accounts Hacked

Gaga has more than17 million followers, and on Monday many of those followers saw this enticing but suspicious message: "FREE iPad2's to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays." Her official Facebook was also spammed with the similar promotional message: "Lady Gaga's new iPad comes out in 3 days! So for the next 72 hours we will be hosting a massive giveaway to all the Mother Monster fans. Sign up and receive your special Lady Gaga edition iPad in time for the Holidays! For contest rules and registration visit the link below."

The Twitter and Facebook links on Gaga's pages went to a website that appeared to be a phishing scam, soliciting personal information from users.

Gaga later deleted the suspicious tweet and Facebook post, posting herself: "Phew. The hacking is over! And just in time, I'm on my way to Japan! So excited to spend Xmastime with my TokyoMonsters!" Some of her followers then tweeted her back expressing disappointment that there will be no new iPad2 under the tree for them this year, or even accusing her of ungraciously rescinding a legitimate gift. ("I took your generous offer seriously," tweeted one confused fan.)

But come on, now. Lady Gaga may be the top-earning woman in music, according to Forbes, but even she can't afford to give away 17 million iPads.

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